Solo Rail Solutions
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We Bring Everything Together Using People Power

Our dedicated assembly
centre provides a clean and
spacious working environment.

Each operational cell is fully trained and experienced in
all aspects of component construction and assembly.
Once complete components are made ready for
dispatch in line with customer requirements. This
philosophy enables us to deliver complex mechanical
and electrical assemblies on time, built to the highest
possible level, maximising added value for the client.

Electrical assembly
Complete electrical assembliesincluding wiring and crimping, terminating and fitting of associated components.

Mechanical assembly
Mechanical assemblies inclusive of all proprietary equipment including locks, hinges, pneumatic equipment, valves and associated components.

Complete kits of parts, adding to mechanical and electrical assemblies including fixings, fasteners and other associated materials.

Inspection Bay
Our specifically constructed bay is designed to meet the highest quality visual standards prior to components being dispatched.